sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2016

Grupo Corpo

In Brazil, dancing companies are amazing! In my hometown, a dancing company named Grupo Corpo invites peasants to assist to their repetitions.

The dancers daily routine begin with a classic ballet dancing class (image1); followed by the instructions of their artistic director (image 2) and finally the repetition of a contemporaneous choreography to prepare their next tour (image 3).

I like to participate on these repetitions to listen, watch and draw. After a few minutes, contaminated by such dynamic energy, my pencil is also dancing into my sketchbook and is representing some incredible aerial passes (image 4 and 5).

At the very end, all dancers sit on the floor, looking exhausted but smiling and listen to the comments regarding their last international tour (image 6 and 7).

It is always nice to share their routine artistic work!